Building Process

Foundation Excavation

The foundations are excavated by a bulldozer.

Building Foundation

The foundation is built by a specialised team of carpenters in reinforced concrete.


In the first week the footings are laid.


The walls are built on-site in accordance with the Light Steel Frame engineering project.

Straight walls and square corners.

OSB class 3 is used because of its characteristics:

  • very strong and flexible
  • non-combustible
  • no water absorption
  • easy to apply

Wood Panels

Wood panels (OSB or plywood) are applied with self-drilling screws to the exterior face of the outside walls.

Exterior Rendering

The exterior rendering is applied.

This contains:

  • polystyrene plates – 50 mm to 80 mm thick (specific for the Algarve)
  • fiber netting
  • special rendering glue with cement mixture

Then comes the final coat - a special acrylic textured paint.

Interior Walls

Inside walls are filled with mineral wall insulation and the plaster board is attached to the studs with self-drilling screws.

All the electrics and plumbing are fitted into the walls.

Special gypsum board is applied to humid areas of the house.


A special light concrete is applied to the floors which has very good thermal insulation.

Then the plasterboard is painted, inside and outside doors are installed and the floor tiles are laid.