Who we are

About our company

Who we are

About our company


In 2005 ConceptX was one of the first companies to start using lightweight steel frame technology for construction in the Algarve, Portugal.

Since then we have built up a great reputation for innovative construction design, adding to our portfolio a large number of projects to include: roofs, extensions, partitioning and new build for our residencial and commercial customers.

We use our own specially trained teams to build the frames, apply exterior rendering, roofs and interior finishes to the highest standard. With ConceptX you can reduce the construction period by more than 60% over traditional build and be ON budget.

The light steel frame system provided by ConceptX has been extensively tested for all key structural, fire, thermal and acoustic requirements and standards.

Advantages of using Concept X System


Light steel frame building offers a wide range of benefits when compared with traditional construction or other framing materials, in terms of quality, cost, durability, versatility, efficiency, speed of construction and comfort. Among the many reasons for the light steel frame construction being viewed by architects and developers as an attractive alternative, are its fast construction times and flexibility.


In a world racing against high energy consumption we know that 65% of the global energy production is used for climatisation. Our lightweight steel frame construction method offers a good thermal and insullation performance , resulting in more than 80% savings in the energy costs. Compared with conventional building, the lightweight steel frame construction method can also render a lower embodied energy as less material is utilised at a lower energy input.


No wonder that LIGHT STEEL FRAME system has become an ever growing trend in the construction industry, and with a god reason: no damp / humidity problems, superiority in acoustic and thermal insulation, indoor climate control.